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  • Secretary (Temporary/Permanent)

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  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal

For application purposes, Substitutes and other Temporary employees are considered external candidates.

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Job Listings
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Job TitlePosting DateTypeLocation
Custodian I - Sunset Elementary (2:30pm-11:00pm)06/16/2021Support Staff - School BasedSunset ElementaryApply
Custodian I - Odenton Elementary (2:30pm-11:00pm)06/16/2021Support Staff - School BasedOdenton ElementaryApply
Temp - World Language Exploratory Technician - French (Waugh Chapel Elementary)06/16/2021Support Staff - School BasedWaugh Chapel ElementaryApply
Custodian I (0.50 FTE) - Folger McKinsey Elementary (4:30pm-11:00pm)06/14/2021Support Staff - School BasedFolger McKinsey ElementaryApply
Custodian I - Glendale Elementary (2:30pm-11:00pm)06/14/2021Support Staff - School BasedGlendale ElementaryApply
Custodian I - Southern Middle (2:30pm-11:00pm)06/09/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouthern Middle SchoolApply
Custodian I - Old Mill High (2:30pm-11:00pm)06/07/2021Support Staff - School BasedOld Mill High SchoolApply
Temporary -Teacher Tutoring (Monarch Annapolis)06/04/2021Support Staff - School BasedMonarch AnnapolisApply
Temp - World Language Exploratory Technician Spanish (Southgate Elementary)06/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouthgate ElementaryApply
Temporary Advanced Studies Itinerant Instructor05/27/2021Support Staff - School Based*Countywide Opportunities As They OccurApply
Temp Textbook Stamper05/25/2021Support Staff - School Based*Countywide Opportunities As They OccurApply
Custodian I - MacArthur Middle (2:30pm-11:00pm) (Three Positions)05/17/2021Support Staff - School BasedMacArthur Middle SchoolApply
Custodian I - Central Middle (2:30pm-11:00pm)05/17/2021Support Staff - School BasedCentral Middle SchoolApply
Temp - Clerk - IB/STEM/PVA School Based (part-time/multiple locations)05/17/2021Support Staff - School Based**Countywide Opportunities As They OccurApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Crofton High05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedCrofton High SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Carrie Weedon Early Education Center05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedCarrie Weedon Early Education CenterApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Woodside Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedWoodside ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Windsor Farm Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedWindsor Farm ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - West Meade Early Education Center05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedWest Meade Early Ed CenterApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - West Annapolis Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedWest Annapolis ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Waugh Chapel Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedWaugh Chapel ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Van Bokkelen Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedVan Bokkelen ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Tyler Heights Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedTyler Heights ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Tracey's Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedTracey's ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Sunset Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSunset ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Southgate Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouthgate ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Southern Middle05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouthern Middle SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Southern High05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouthern High SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - South Shore Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouth Shore ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - South River High05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSouth River High SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Solley Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSolley ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Shipley's Choice Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedShipley's Choice ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Shady Side Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedShady Side ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Severna Park Middle05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSeverna Park Middle SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Severna Park High05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSeverna Park High SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Severna Park Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSeverna Park ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Severn River Middle05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSevern River Middle SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Severn Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSevern ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Seven Oaks Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedSeven Oaks ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Ruth Parker Eason05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRuth Parker Eason SchoolApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Rolling Knolls Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRolling Knolls ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Riviera Beach Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRiviera Beach ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Rippling Woods Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRippling Woods ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Ridgeway Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRidgeway ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Richard Henry Lee Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedRichard Henry Lee ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Quarterfield Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedQuarterfield ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Point Pleasant Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedPoint Pleasant ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Piney Orchard Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedPiney Orchard ElementaryApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Phoenix Academy05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedPhoenix AcademyApply
Temporary-Support Assistant (TSA) - Pershing Hill Elementary05/02/2021Support Staff - School BasedPershing Hill ElementaryApply